“Do not think that I have come to bring peace on the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword [of division between belief and unbelief].
Matthew 10:34

Where Is The Village?


Yesterday we had our: How You Doing/Check in workshop. With everything going on in our world, our children are being attacked the most like NEVER BEFORE! Here me when I say .. the devil is out to kill our children no matter their age. Yesterday the children proved that even the more as they expressed what’s happening in real time. We catch the news but it’s happening to them as they sit in their seats, test and go to gym.


On November 2,2022 at New Mercies Christian church the parents of Gwinnett county rallied together to speak on the the demonic activity happening to our children. A shooting took place at Shiloh High school, Brookwood & Norcross experienced lockdowns and threats, while a student at Grayson was stabbed with a box cutter. It’s been reported “DISCIPLINE” is the missing factor from school. I concur but it’s deeper. We are missing the power of God in our schools.

In our workshop, my mentees expressed, “there is something mentally wrong” and I told them from a Holystic NLP Practitioner perspective that it is. Spiritually first and it’s manifesting naturally. Another stated, “EVERY Thursday something happens and at this point I believe it’s cursed. My friends and I call it “Cursed Thursday”. I was about in tears hearing the tragedies these elementary, middle and high school babies are experiencing! It should absolutely NOT be this way!

In 1963 prayer & Bible was removed from public schools at the Supreme Court level. Many people say “we shouldn’t force religion on children” but it’s not a religion, it’s a way of life! We removed the life giver and all our children see is death. Death by guns, drugs, diseases, gangs and lack of discipline. Discipline starts with God, which is why we are called disciples.

Per CDC In Georgia, 57% of gun deaths are suicides and 40% are homicides. This is compared to 61% and 36% respectively, nationwide. We are neck & neck NATIONALLY for our specific state. That is dangerous!

In Georgia, firearm deaths have climbed by 31.0% from 2015 to 2020 – the 11th largest increase among states.

Death by gun violence but is this a shock? Of course not, those our children esteem as role models rap about it. In the music today you hear about them shooting, killing and murdering each other.

Mentally the music industry is Desensitizing our youth on purpose. It’s called population control . They are training their neurological to be okay with what’s happening. People think it’s normal .. it’s not not normal. Premature death is not in Gods plan. Long life is. He said I came to give you life and life more abundantly!

We are a Godless society and that’s why we are experiencing so much evil & death. The only way to stop gun violence is to pray, stop killing and go back to God (establish discipline).

I challenged the girls to say a prayer before school and they took my challenge. Many don’t know how to pray so we kept it simple. Lord, be with me, my friends, staff and protect us today in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏽
Will you join us in daily prayer for the saving our children in all counties, states and nation?

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