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Mind – Body Connection!

Happy Truthful Thursday, I’m your Holystic NLP practitioner. Neuro Linguistic Programming- The study of subjective experiences of our world through our senses.

Today our mindset shift Gem is Mind-Body Connection!

Just as God is three in one – Creator, Christ, Holy Spirit – humans were created as three parts: body, mind and spirit.

The mind thinks 60,000 thoughts per day.

Meaning our internal dialogue effects our behavior, results, and health. As a man thinketh, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

The mind and body is interconnected.

The mind gives the body the suggestions to do whatever it’s thinking. The Bible says to mediate on the word day and night. We tell others to affirm and declare. Why? Because when you program your nervous system to respond to positive powerful inner dialogue, you’ll create positive & powerful life experiences.

Resulting in health & healing. We are responsible for our lives, no one is coming to save you. Technically God has already secured your eternal through Jesus Christ but it’s up to you to secure your internal for external results. Prayer can help in this process. Ask, Seek & Knock.

You are in control, take back your power.

I’m your Holystic practitioner, follow me for more simple but powerful tips you can implement daily for a lasting mindset shift. Bridging the gap between the natural & spiritual.

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